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Visual jQuery & HTML UI Designer

codeCanvas is a free, open source, visual web based editor that allows you to rapidly create layouts using predefined blocks of HTML, Javascript and CSS.

It writes the code for you.

Open Source Project

The open source "codeCanvas Desktop" project is available on Github and the core can be downloaded here.

You can help out by making a donation, tweeting the project or forking the Github project. Get involved and help to make it better for everyone.

Make a donation

If you like codeCanvas, please donate to help insure the future development of the open source offering.

What's with the ads?

It costs money to keep codeCanvas open source and free. The advertisements help keep the lights on :-)

Download Code

Here is the complete client side code for the codeCanvas editor. It is a streamlined version of the same code used in the codeCanvas Desktop project on Github.

Fork the Github project

Download the codeCanvas core - The complete editor and sample bootstrap tools


Here are a couple examples of what the open sourced code can do at the moment. All the canvas functionility is there but the integration with App.js needs work.

codeCanvas is a free, open source visual jQuery and html designer that allows you to create html layouts

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